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The fact that you have landed up on this blog can be assumed to be evidence to your interest in the world of infrastructures and understanding the stance of your own nation in the scene. So, we would begin with a small chunk of stats to help you understand where we, as a nation, stand today and why you need to delve into the details that we present in this blog…

The Foreign Direct Investment received, to develop the construction sector of our nation, between the tenure of April 2000 and till end of 2019, is a whopping 25.37 billion USD (Source:DPIIT) . In 2018, we have been the 44th nation based on our Logistic Performance Index, according to the World Bank Reports and in 2019 we were the second nation based on our Agility Emerging Market Logistics performance.

Being in a nation that this seriously looks forward to immense scopes in the world of Infrastructure ahead, it is essential that certain details about the Industry of Infrastructure in India stays in our knowledge to verse in the global language of Infrastructural development better.

Lets’ take this brief ride around the important metrics of Infrastructural development in India, as it looks today.

Emergence of Private and International investors with the Public Sector…

The radically growing Indian Infrastructure Industry has been in the prime of the eye of both the in-house and international lenders. The PPP model has been the ultimate boon assisting the private sectors to invest with assistance from the government. With this Public Private Partnership at work, India is estimated to evolve into being the third largest construction market space by the end of 2022.

The Indian Government has passed an expenditure of 1.4 trillion USD towards the development of the Infrastructure Industry of India within the tenure of 2019 to 2023*.

Did You Know?
With the intention of boosting up the Infrastructure Industry of India the Indian Government has decided to launch a single step clearance scheme to approve potential construction projects across the nation.

Large Infrastructure Investments in India sets its record in 2019 with an outstanding 14.5 b USD…

Be it Private Equity or investments routed down from the Venture Capitalists, the infrastructural development of India’s roadways has gained a brilliant inertia in 2019 setting records of 14.5 billion US Dollars. Remember the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana proposed in 2019? To connect the innumerable remote villages with the urbanized sections of the country and as well to plan the construction of 1.25 thousand km long road within the next five years, the government has allotted of 80,250 crores INR.

With India being the nation that has witnessed the second cheapest road building projects in Asia, the highway constructions that took place in the nation have been accelerated by approximately 21% over the last five financial years (i.e, from FY14 to FY 19).

Seven M&A deals for Indian Infrastructure department amounting up to 1,461 m USD in FY19…

Yes, you heard us right…
Added to that, the FY19 Union Budget had allotted a massive investment of about 750 b USD to elevate the present condition of Railways infrastructure in India within the tenure of 2018-2030, and 13.14 b USD for the roadways infrastructural development. The North Eastern region of India shall be receiving an added grant of 379 cr INR as Infrastructural investment in India, as compared to last year, in FY20.

Eminently thus, the Infrastructure Sector of India has been the Government’s prime priority today.

Infrastructure of a nation acts as its foundation towards a better tomorrow. The Indian Government has been investing in the sector of Infrastructure development in India to take the nation ahead when it comes to our highways, renewable energies as well as our urban and rural transport ways. While there will be a cult of population who shall stand up to express regrets about being a national from an infrastructural weak nation, our this blog is dedicated to statistically add clarity to the concepts of those Indians who believe that our nation is progressive towards an infrastructural stronger tomorrow.

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